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What is Slingo?

Posted by admin on April 18, 2012

What is Slingo?
Over the years, some games merge with other games to create a new version of the two. This is the case with the game of bingo. One game with which it has been merged is slot machines. This union created a game dubbed Slingo. First appearing in 1995, Slingo is played online by multiplayers. When playing slingo, a player is given 20 opportunities to spin the numbers found just below the bingo card. As a result, five numbers will appear. These numbers can then be marked off the bingo card if they are found there. Not only numbers appear in the number spots below the bingo card, but other items as well. For instance, a joker may appear. Jokers are wild which means a played can mark off any numbers that is in the corresponding column to the joker. In some versions of Slingo, a joker appearing in the middle column may be known as a Super Joker. This can be placed anywhere on the board. However, when a player does obtain a super joker, this must be played before another other numbers are chosen. Another item that could appear below the bingo card is a devil. The appearance of the devil is not good. As a result, the score is reduced by half. On the other hand, another item that appears is a cherub which is a good sign. A cherub serves to cancel out the devil by shooting him with one of their arrows. Coins may also appear as special items. They provide the player with additional points or free spins.When playing slingo, time limits are placed on spins. If the spin does not occur within the specified time limit, then the spin is forfeited. To win slingo, you must be the player who has accumulated the most points. Read the latest games here at MeccaBingo.

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