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Ladbrokes Bingo user scoops £16,888 in 33 balls

Posted by admin on May 25, 2010

Ladbrokes Bingo user scoops £16,888 in 33 balls
Ladbrokes Bingo is today celebrating after one of its customers won £16,888! xxVERYxNICExx has been playing bingo for years, but only started with Ladbrokes recently. She was blown away after finding out she had won £16,888, even though she was playing in another room at the time!

The Ultimate Etiquettes For Playing Bingo
Many people entertain a false impression in their mind. They think that bingo is a game which runs most on the luck. There are some people who extremely rely on superstitions and some who are engaged in using some techniques and game tips to win this game. The one main thing which you should know […]

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