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Cheeky Bingo launch date announced

Posted by admin on July 19, 2010

Cheeky Bingo launch date announced
New free bingo site Cheeky Bingo will launch on Monday next week, it was announced today. Cheeky Bingo is the latest bingo site from Cashcade, owners of Foxy Bingo, Think Bingo, Think Bingo Cosy and Bingo Scotland. The site launch is being backed by a TV advertising campaign, which will air from February 9th. The launch of Cheeky […]

Little Big Bingo launches four TV ads
New online bingo site Little Big Bingo has released four TV ads to promote their low cost bingo offers. The TV ads feature one pence coins and only last 10 seconds. They will be running on TV channels across the UK throughout August and September. Little Big Bingo is the latest online bingo site from Cashcade, the […]

Free Bingo at Paddy Power Bingo
Beating the credit crunch is getting easier and easier for us bingo lovers!  From Monday 22nd of December until January 4th, Paddy Power Bingo will host a free game EVERY HOUR between 10am and 2am EVERY DAY!

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